Revenge Season 4 Episode 12 Review: Don’t underestimate Malcolm Black

This week’s episode was titled ‘Madness’ and with everyone underestimating Malcolm Black at every turn (everyone but David of course) I thought the title was pretty apt. You’re obviously mad if you think you can get rid of Malcolm Black that easily! After all, killing his daughter Kate in a fist fight and a shootout was a bit of a mission, so it’s obvious that getting rid of Malcolm isn’t going to be a walk in the park.

David warned everyone that he’d not be an easy fish to fry (he’s way scarier than Conrad for starters, duh) and after escaping the clutches of the feds this week due to “lack of evidence” (good one, Jack!) everyone’s probably pinching themselves now! If Malcolm wasn’t on the war path before (which he was!) he most certainly is now and if abducting Victoria and Emily at the end of the episode was anything to go by, things aren’t going to be pretty (but at least we know it’s going to be oh so good!).

Victoria spilled the beans to Margaux ABOUT EVERYTHING (not entirely unexpected I must admit) and Ben overheard! I kind of get the feeling that Emily’s problems are just beginning with that one and that he might just be more of an adversary than Margaux. He’s a stickler for the rules, so there’s no way now that he won’t start digging (he’s been sniffing around for a while). I can’t wait to see what happens there…will he become another victim of the red sharpie or another ally??

And surprise, surprise, Emily said exactly what I was thinking during last week’s episode, after she found out from Louise that it was Victoria who put Kate onto her and practically killed Daniel.

I said in last week’s post that things were bound to get more interesting with Elena Satine (Louise Ellis) becoming a series regular and indeed they are. It turns out Louise isn’t crazy after all. After a visit from aspiring politician and brother Lyman (Sebastian Pigott) Emily and Nolan managed to find out that Louise’s family have been drugging her for years to control her inheritance.

I do love it when Emily shows off some moves and kicks butt, so after taking a look at the promo, next week’s episode looks even better!

You can catch the promo here

You can watch Revenge on


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