On the box: What I’m looking forward to so far in 2015

With the centenary of World War I last year, a lot of war dramas have been making it to New Zealand screens lately. First we had Anzac Girls, followed by The Crimson Field, and coming in February is Nine Network’s Gallipoli, an eight-part television series following the ANZACs both during and after the battle for Gallipoli. I’m not only looking forward to this series because of my interest in military history, but also because the trailer for Gallipoli in itself is so powerful, capturing a rawness of the human spirit in wartime I haven’t seen since HBOsThe Pacific.

I also love a good thriller and Katherine Heigl, so I’m also looking forward to NBC’s State of Affairs, a television series which follows Heigl as CIA analyst Charleston Tucker briefing the President about all the big bad wolves threatening US security.

And finally for 2015 so far I’m looking forward to ABC’s How to Get Away With Murder, because I love a show with a good murder that promises to wreak havoc with a few lives, especially because this bunch are on their way to being lawyers.







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