Revenge Season 4 Episode 13 Review: Will Emily ever get her happily-ever-after?

With Malcolm Black gone (well, peppered with bullets and incinerated…nice one, David!) and Victoria all but putting an end to her path of revenge to be a doting grandmother, there was a tiny glimmer of hope that Emily might get her happily-ever-after…until Margaux stomped all over it! With Margaux on the hunt for evidence to put Emily away (WHY, JUST WHY?!) I have the feeling that Emily’s happily-ever-after may just turn out to be happily-never-after.

While my interest for this show waned after the exit of showrunner Mike Kelley, one of the only reasons I’ve stuck with this show is in the hope that Emily might just, dare I say it, live happily-ever-after. But with the whole “Before you embark on a journey of revenge, dig two graves” thing I don’t know what I was thinking. In all likelihood she’ll probably end up dead and one of her friends will pick up the revenge gauntlet and the whole entire cycle will begin again (SIGH)…

But, back to the task at hand…I said last week that I love it when Emily kicks a little butt and oh boy did she ever. First the bodyguard, then Malcolm, pure gold.

However, the only people who should be teaming up for a rescue mission are Emily, Jack and Nolan. Despite the fact that Jack, David and Ben managed to sort of pull it together in the end, they just can’t measure up to the take-down prowess of Emily and her wing men.

Although this episode didn’t deliver as many surprises as I was hoping for (Emily and Victoria teaming up was kind of inevitable), the one thing I wasn’t expecting was for Nolan and Louise to get hitched! Of all the ways to give mama Ellis a run for her money, that certainly wasn’t what I was thinking. I thought that a well thought-out revenge plot would ensue (hoping that might come later?) Points for the surprise though Nolan.

Hey, what can I say? I guess I’m just hooked on all things revengy now. So, on that note, I’ll be sticking it out to see if good ol’ Margaux’s any good at the revenge game.

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