First Impressions: Gallipoli

The first episode of Gallipoli definitely lived up to the powerful and haunting nature of its trailer, albeit a little slowly. The story seemed to drag in places when the men weren’t fighting the Turks, and even then, I wasn’t on the edge of my seat. I hope the story finds its feet in the next 6 episodes.

However, it was still a powerful episode, filled with a few surprising moments. For one, I definitely wasn’t expecting Jeremy Lindsay Taylor’s character, Captain Eric Taylor, to be killed off in the first episode, let alone by a Turkish sniper. Kind of hoping he might just be severely injured? I thought Sergeant Harry Perceval had joined Taylor for a few minutes after he collapsed on the shore, but he managed to pull himself up again, thank goodness. I don’t think I could have handled two!

The flashbacks to Johnson’s life back home were jarring and a disappointment. The narrative kept jumping quite rapidly into them during the action at Gallipoli and it was hard to see how it fit, apart from the obvious fact that Johnson was trying to escape. All we really know from these flashbacks is that Johnson has a crush on his older brother’s girl Celia, played by Ashleigh Cummings and that his brother knows it.

It was good to see that at least the reporter has a good head on his shoulders, compared to all of the officers. The men needed honesty and he gave it. Good sport. Speaking of the officers, a bunch of men standing around a table arguing gets nowhere, men die, and they wonder how they got there? Honestly. However, on that note, it’s nice to see that the show is being honest and not glorifying Gallipoli by dressing up all of the tactical bungles. At least this far, anyway.

On a positive note, the narration by central character Thomas Johnson (Kodi Smit-McPhee) was so compelling and truthful. Lines that have stuck with me are “So many men went up into that gully and were never seen again” and “that’s as far as we ever got.” Goosebumps.

I’ll be back later with my thoughts on the rest of the season, so stay tuned!



First Impressions: Stalker

I know that this show was in all likelihood designed to scare us into taking a second look at our social presence online, just as much as it was to entertain us, but so far this show hasn’t done anything remotely scary enough to make me run and delete everything about myself on social media.

It is however nice to see Maggie Q back on the small screen after Nikita, but I still can’t see her as Lt. Beth Davis, the characters are just so similar. The mystery about her past is however interesting, and apart from seeing who the next episode’s creep is, it’s probably the only thing that’s keeping me watching.

I can’t stand new guy on the block Jack Larsen, or “New York” as I like to refer to him, he’s so fake and let’s face it, as creepy as all the other guys on the show stalking women. We get it, you want to see your son, but stalking him? I can think of at least a hundred ways you can win over over-protective ex-lover and see your son, but stalking ain’t one of them buddy. No wonder she wants you gone.

Now, about the only thing I like about this show (apart from the fact that Maggie Q is in it, of course) is that the underlying thread piecing everything together is Beth and Jack’s stories. It adds mystery that other wise isn’t really there and reminds us that they’re human too. Not that you can really invest in them anyway.

And the music at the end of the episode? Creepy. Never thought love songs could be so sinister and dark. But that’s the whole point of the show isn’t it? To get us thinking about how secure/private our information really is and what monsters are lurking in the dark. Well, cyberspace predominantly.

The one thing I know for sure after Stalker is that I won’t be trying internet dating anytime soon. You can bet on that!

First Impressions: How To Get Away With Murder

How To Get Away With Murder premiered in NZ this week and despite a long day at uni I managed to stay awake long enough to watch it. First impressions? Intriguing. So, here’s why:

It’s all about the fight for the top, that obsession with winning and all of the juicy consequences.

I love that the characters are morally ambiguous, given that they’re aspiring lawyers. On that note, I love how they’ve teamed murder with lawyers, because they’re the ones that are meant to be upholding the law.

Great that the murder was dealt with first, instead of building up to it. Deals with the characters’ journeys in a refreshing way, by going back and showing us how they got there/fell so far.

Two big questions going forward:

Did Keating’s husband kill Lila Stangard?

Why do Wes, Connor, Michaela, Asher and Laurel murder Keating’s husband, well, at least dispose of his body? Some demented sense of loyalty to Keating? For that trophy?

Can’t wait to (hopefully) find out! Definitely going to stick with this one!

Revenge Season 4 Episode 14 Review: Back to old tricks

With big bad wolf Malcolm Black gone, it seemed there was nothing left for the characters to do but get back to old tricks.

Victoria was back to manipulating her ‘friends’ to remain at the top of the social food chain, albeit with a challenge from newcomer Natalie Waters (Gina Torres). And here I was looking forward to Victoria mellowing out a bit. But, the question I’m asking (and I’m sure everyone else is) is who is she? She seems to know a lot about Victoria’s ways…Someone Victoria’s slighted in the past or (dare I say it) Malcolm Black’s wife? Either way, it looks like Victoria has another nemesis on her hands. And who was the “death in the family”? Let’s be honest, Victoria doesn’t have much left! Fingers crossed it’s not Charlotte.

This week’s episode happened to prove you just can’t pull off a take-down without Emily, with Mamma Ellis finally getting her just desserts. It was nice to see that Nolan still has it, sending Mamma Ellis packing with his usual panache. The icing on the cake would’ve been if she ended up locked in the loony bin.

Ever since Emily told Jack who she was he’s been a royal pain in the butt. “We can’t do that Emily” and “don’t do that Emily”. “Where’s your moral code, Emily?” I don’t really see why he needs to be there anymore and the only reason he probably still is is because the writers are still dangling that old carrot where Jack and Emily live happily-ever-after. If I’m being perfectly honest I don’t think that’ll ever happen. Jack isn’t in love with Emily, he’s in love with the little girl Amanda Clarke. And after all, if he was really in love with Emily, he wouldn’t be trying to change who she is every five minutes. He would just except Emily, revenge warts and all. And Jack seeing Emily and Ben at the end of the episode, just had to happen. Just had to happen, didn’t it? (Face palm). Que writers dangling the carrot again!

On the note of Emily and Ben. Bit of a strange fit, but it’s nice to see Emily have the opportunity to let her hair down a little. And despite his Jack-like personality, Ben seems like a nice guy.

But don’t even get me started on Margaux. She’s like a dog with a bone! I really hope she doesn’t go ahead with taking Jack and Emily down. Poor Carl. Margaux doesn’t want her child to grow up with a bad image of their father, so why let Carl grow up the same way? That just doesn’t seem fair. Margaux just needs to build a bridge and if she can’t even make up her own mind at all about what she wants to do, she has no right to play the revenge game. Is it obvious I don’t like Margaux?

Will Margaux stoop so low? Who’s the death in the family? And how’s Jack going to handle the whole Emily and Ben thing? Looks like we’ll have to wait until Revenge returns on March 8! Catch the promo for the next episode below:

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