First Impressions: Stalker

I know that this show was in all likelihood designed to scare us into taking a second look at our social presence online, just as much as it was to entertain us, but so far this show hasn’t done anything remotely scary enough to make me run and delete everything about myself on social media.

It is however nice to see Maggie Q back on the small screen after Nikita, but I still can’t see her as Lt. Beth Davis, the characters are just so similar. The mystery about her past is however interesting, and apart from seeing who the next episode’s creep is, it’s probably the only thing that’s keeping me watching.

I can’t stand new guy on the block Jack Larsen, or “New York” as I like to refer to him, he’s so fake and let’s face it, as creepy as all the other guys on the show stalking women. We get it, you want to see your son, but stalking him? I can think of at least a hundred ways you can win over over-protective ex-lover and see your son, but stalking ain’t one of them buddy. No wonder she wants you gone.

Now, about the only thing I like about this show (apart from the fact that Maggie Q is in it, of course) is that the underlying thread piecing everything together is Beth and Jack’s stories. It adds mystery that other wise isn’t really there and reminds us that they’re human too. Not that you can really invest in them anyway.

And the music at the end of the episode? Creepy. Never thought love songs could be so sinister and dark. But that’s the whole point of the show isn’t it? To get us thinking about how secure/private our information really is and what monsters are lurking in the dark. Well, cyberspace predominantly.

The one thing I know for sure after Stalker is that I won’t be trying internet dating anytime soon. You can bet on that!


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