First Impressions: Indian Summers

Indian Summers may be three episodes in on TVNZ’s One, but so far it hasn’t wowed me. There may be political intrigue and equally intriguing relationships, but I’m not totally hooked – yet. The first episode definitely well established the plot and characters and in the second the plot thickened and characters true motivations were revealed, to a certain extent (I haven’t watched the third :P). So far the political intrigue/India’s push for independence is definitely what’s keeping me watching.

The 10-part series follows a number of British socialites as they enjoy, and ultimately rule, India during the summer of 1932, as all the while India pushes for independence.

However, only two episodes in I know who I like, who I don’t and who I can’t stand.

Who I like:

77944d44-68b7-4462-9ca4-eaf6c83d389b_625x352Alice Whelan (Jemima West) – The younger sister of Ralph Whelan, Private Secretary to the Viceroy of India, she’s returned to India as a single mother. However, a mystery clearly surrounds her return. She warns her husband not to follow them and tells others that she’s a widow, so there’s definitely a lot of intrigue there.

Who I can’t stand:

indian_summers_20140523-141-EditSarah Raworth (Fiona Glascott) – I don’t think I’ve ever heard someone whine so much. Sure, your husband (Dougie Raworth, played by Craig Parkinson) isn’t home that much, but he’s doing something amazing with the mission school and she should appreciate his commitment. Plus, she’s so nosy.

Madeleine Mathers (Olivia Grant) – I can think of plenty of other ways of 1) getting a guy’s attention and 2) securing yourself a respectable position than spreading your legs. Stupid red head.

Ralph Whelan (Henry Lloyd-Hughes) – Although I can’t quite put my finger on him, Mr Whelan has, and is, definitely up to something bad and fishy. Don’t like him one bit. Plus, using the shooting of one of your workers, who, I might add, took a bullet for him, and using him for propaganda is not, in any way, shape or form, endearing! 69706

I know I haven’t included all of the characters, simply because there are a few I can’t put my finger on or seen enough of them yet.

If I stick with this series (purely for the political intrigue thus far), you’ll be sure to see my review of the rest of the series in another 7 episodes.

In the meantime, here’s the trailer:


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